This is the 3rd iteration of my personal website. 1.0 was a completely from-scratch Django app served from a Digital Ocean server. This was back when I was trying to learn how web apps worked in general. I had yet to write a single line of Javascript on the client side. 2.0 was a Wordpress site hosted on an Amazon EC2 instance. Wordpress took care of the common usecase of having a blog and was great for hosting project examples and tutorials. However, doing everything in a CMS felt too far removed from how I normally like to work on the command line.

Years later, after a lot of time behind the keyboard building apps in a variety of languages, trying my hand at robotics, and even getting some professional work experience, I’ve discovered GitHub pages hosted with Jekyll. This allows me to still work in my normal text editor and terminal, but still have the convenience of built in blog functionality available. Free hosting doesn’t hurt either.

Now for the fun part - showing off some code.